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Kronenburg: A journey in time to the Middle Ages as well as an oasis of recovery

Kronenburg, located on a mountain, is a place with a long history (Spanish, Dutch, Luxembourg, French, German).
Back in 1277, Kronenburg was documented for the first time in the Abbey Stablo Malmedy.

Once upon a time, the Knights of Kronenburg reigned over Burghaus Kronenburg.  

In the beginning of the 15th century, the castle of Kronenburg lost its meaning.
Wars, constantly changing emperors and the plague were too much.
In the beginning of the 18the century however - around 1715 - the situation changed and the Eifel-region achieved a modest upswing.  The castle of Kronenburg however was destroyed, became ruinous and uninhabitable.  

The Count of Blankenheim reanimated Burghaus Kronenburg in the year 1766.
Around 1920 Kronenburg became famous by the so-called „Tellspiele“, where the castle was used as an open-air stage for spectacles.

So – back to the Middle Ages !